Activism and diversity

Article by Polite Ndhlovu  Tolerating diversity and embracing each other as brothers and sister have been a challenge to the African nations. Each time people have different views, believes and opinions they turn to violence forcing the other to submit.  The issue of diversity is often neglected despite its far reaching effects and possible strengths which can be harnessed. Activista Zimbabwe national chairperson and the team saw it imperative to enlighten each other, especially young people, over the matter. Abel Sibanda echoed the same notion that it is very important to embrace diversity for Africa to prosper. “In a discussion with others we see how important the issue of diversity is to Africa’s progress however it is often only understood in the negative in light of xenophobic attacks and ethnic wars. Yet, the positive side is replete with developmental gains that are less understood. The nexus between diversity and development is one that must never be underesti

Organizing for change through sport: A case of Eddien Sports Trust

Their vision is to develop personal skills, enhance social status, empower economically and improve the health of women and the girl child through sport. Eddien Sports Trust was estaablished in 2017 and their work invests in s kill development in a wide range of sporting codes, s ocial status enhancement through meaningful participation of youth in sports and e conomic empowerment through income generating projects such as training referees and coaches of the beneficiaries. Eddien goes a step further and improves on h ealth awareness by educating women on health issues that affect them such as the sexual related issues,and gender based violence.    Eddien sports Trust has uptodate been involved in technology for development through ensuring that one of their sports teams are part of the global Technovation Challenge that is coordinated by Youth for Innovation Trust locally.  They have also  helped to raise funds for a young lady called Elizabeth Ndlovu to enable her to travel

Spotlight on Faith Mvududu

My name is Faith Mvududu aged 27. I am based in Harare. I am currently serving as the acting Secretary General Activista Harare. I also serve on a number of boards on upcoming projects, companies and initiatives. I am an aspiring Business woman in technology awareness (digitization and the changing nature of work), social worker, diplomatic relations, an influencer in governance,  advocate for justice and peace, I am  currently serving as Vice- President of APIEDABI ( African Peace Initiative for Economic Development And Access Free Border Integration) -(Voluntary basis),Visionary of Women of Prayer Zimbabwe(Intercession Ministry for Zimbabwe and Africa) ,Women of Integrity ( Character Development Program) and Christian Women In Bussiness Adverts, both online forums.Founder of an upcoming cosmetic concept called African Beauty Holdings. I am also currently serving as the Secretary General for State 55 Zimbabwe Chapter- a mobilization group for the United States of Africa. I am

Youth Solidarity Power for grassroot feminist movements

By Polite Ndhlovu It was all joy and excitement as Activista youths from different corners of Midlands Province met for their annual was a great gathering where Activista midlands met to reflect on 2018, capacitate each other and map way forward for 2019. The Activista Zimbabwe Midlands Chapter annual conference was held on the 8th of December 2018 at Mbizo conference and training centre. The conference was attended by 28 members who were representing 8 districts of the Midlands province. The theme of the conference was Youth Solidarity Power for a grass root feminist Polite Ndhlovu, provincial secretary, was the director of the programs.  The conference started with welcome remarks from Provincial Coordinator Nkosilathi E Moyo which was followed by introductions which were done in a catchy manner to boost morale and confidence of young people. They were had 3 speakers. The first a session was about challenges faced by girl child and women at large in the

July Changemakers - Young Women's Alliance

Young Women’s Alliance is a girls and young women focused organization which seeks to support the participation and involvement of young women in the cultural, political, social and economic development programs through building their capacity, lobbying and advocacy. Young women alliance’s mantra is of promoting young women participation in decision making thus ensuring 90% (young women) and 10% young men (leaving no one behind) in its programing and all our programing is mainly anchored on the constitutional rights and responsibilities of young women. Programming is embedded on the fact that the Zimbabwean landscape is patriarchal in nature which has ultimately birthed and perpetuated the continued neglect of young women in the economic, political and social spheres. Nonetheless the recent clamor for gender mainstreaming and gender equality has subjected all the stated spheres to gender-oriented reforms. As such the Young Women’s Alliance Organization ultimately strengthens constitut

June Changemakers- Youth for Innovation Trust

Youth for Innovation Trust is an organization whose works bring forth the development of the youth through social innovation. Their purpose is to provide innovative solutions to problems faced by youth, acknowledging that young women are at the center of the development process, whilst creating active global citizens through facilitating a culture of active thinking. Headquartered in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Youth for Innovation Trust maximizes on new media to reach out to youth across the country to encourage informed participation in political and socio-economic processes. YIT values the culture of volunteerism and works and is dedicated to investing in young people who have a strong vision for positive social change to develop their personal skills and improve livelihoods. Mission: To engender consciousness against discrimination on basis of gender and age through innovative solutions that uplift livelihoods for active global citizenship. Objectives: I. To foster economi

History of NAYD

'Africa has problems that are very particular to it and will have its possible solutions that will always be very different from that of the rest of the world' Pochi Tamba-Nsoh, founder of NAYD Pochi wrote in the first edition of INSPIRE, NAYD's e-magazine ' I see this massive forum where young persons involved in development or worried about the fate of the continent can share information and resources, thus making their voices heard all over the continent.' In March 2007 she gathered some thirty youths in Cameroon from different youth led programmes around Africa to lay the ground work for NAYD under the theme “Sustainable partnerships for development”.   I met Pochi at the World Youth Congress in Scotland in 2005. I was giving talks to delegates on mapping using satellite navigation systems, asking how such a technology could be useful for their work. Pochi attended, we had a laugh and stayed in contact. A few months later she shared her ideas with