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History of NAYD

'Africa has problems that are very particular to it and will have its possible solutions that will always be very different from that of the rest of the world' Pochi Tamba-Nsoh, founder of NAYD
Pochi wrote in the first edition of INSPIRE, NAYD's e-magazine 'I see this massive forum where young persons involved in development or worried about the fate of the continent can share information and resources, thus making their voices heard all over the continent.' In March 2007 she gathered some thirty youths in Cameroon from different youth led programmes around Africa to lay the ground work for NAYD under the theme “Sustainable partnerships for development”.
I met Pochi at the World Youth Congress in Scotland in 2005. I was giving talks to delegates on mapping using satellite navigation systems, asking how such a technology could be useful for their work. Pochi attended, we had a laugh and stayed in contact. A few months later she shared her ideas with me and asked if I…