June Changemakers- Youth for Innovation Trust

Youth for Innovation Trust is an organization whose works bring forth the development of the youth through social innovation. Their purpose is to provide innovative solutions to problems faced by youth, acknowledging that young women are at the center of the development process, whilst creating active global citizens through facilitating a culture of active thinking. Headquartered in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Youth for Innovation Trust maximizes on new media to reach out to youth across the country to encourage informed participation in political and socio-economic processes. YIT values the culture of volunteerism and works and is dedicated to investing in young people who have a strong vision for positive social change to develop their personal skills and improve livelihoods.

Mission: To engender consciousness against discrimination on basis of gender and age through innovative solutions that uplift livelihoods for active global citizenship.

I. To foster economic, social, and political empowerment of the youths through innovatively synergizing entrepreneurship development and technological advancement.
II. To facilitate the personal development of the girl child through bridging the gap between cultural norms and modern human rights dynamics.
III. To spearhead peaceful coexistence through creating a culture of tolerance and the upholding of moral cultural values.
IV. To promote democracy and good governance through advocating for civic participation in national processes.

Projects and Achievements:
The Geek approach to sustainable Development is a project that provides a combination of skills that elevates young people to a position where they are able to dictate their ability to access information and use it to improve their socio-economic status. The key phrase is “Creating Active Global Citizens”. The project brings relevant aspects of Information Communication Technologies to specific youth groups using three borrowed different tenets: the Technovation challenge, the hour of code and the motherboard project. Strategies under this project include mentorship, capacity building and strategic fundraising. Some of the activities that have been held include:
-         - Hackathons
-         - Innovations expo

As innovation grows as an important aspect of development, its social aspect is often neglected and without social growth the growth of an individual in other sectors is meaningless. As we create a culture of active thinking and promote mental creativity it is crucial to bring in the aspect of social responsibility best described as the concept of ‘Ubuntu’ Hence, the major aim of YIT’s project entitled Reviving Ubuntu is to facilitate the personal development of young people through bridging the gap between cultural norms and modern human rights dynamics by addressing issues concerned with the generation gap as a measure of enhancing good personal practices that accumulate to creativity and social oriented innovation. Strategies under this project include; Intercultural Dialogue, Social network activism , Creative art , Young leaders’ directory and Advocacy for human rights. Some of the activities under this project include:
-          -Weekly Social Growth Talk on social media platforms
          - Radio Talk engaging communities on Youth Issues
      -Coffee bars and growth picnics for youth
      -Youth participation and representation in different local, regional and international growth initiatives such as Leave no Youth Behind Campaign, Electoral Integrity training and Activista Zimbabwe

Youth for Innovation Trust is a membership based organization that encourages domestic funding for community building initiatives.
Web: www.youthfoirnnovation.com
Email: youthsforinnovationtrust@gmail.com 


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