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Activism and diversity

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Polite Ndhlovu 

Tolerating diversity and embracing each other as brothers and sister have been a challenge to the African nations. Each time people have different views, believes and opinions they turn to violence forcing the other to submit. The issue of diversity is often neglected despite its far reaching effects and possible strengths which can be harnessed. Activista Zimbabwe national chairperson and the team saw it imperative to enlighten each other, especially young people, over the matter.

Abel Sibanda echoed the same notion that it is very important to embrace diversity for Africa to prosper. “In a discussion with others we see how important the issue of diversity is to Africa’s progress however it is often only understood in the negative in light of xenophobic attacks and ethnic wars. Yet, the positive side is replete with developmental gains that are less understood. The nexus between diversity and development is one that must never be underestimated in the contine…